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Exposing Foram Data via SPARQL and Exhibit

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  • IODP Data Loading
    Data from DSDP, ODP and IODP is being loaded into Virtuoso
  • SPARQL server
  • Vocabularies

Why Do This

  • Increase IODP data use by make developing web apps using drilling data more like making web pages
  • Establish a common public facing data model and query language to facilitate point one and as a resource for 3rd party apps

Elements / Points

  • Picked Exhibit for this effort.. there are others.
  • RDF consumption by Exhibit (didn't result well)
  • Exhibit to Virtuoso via JSON/JSONP (and URL Encoded GET calls)
  • Callback method to convert from SPARQL JSON to Exhibit JSON
Wanted to work with JSONP looking toward a more query driven approach.
However, one could also package a static JSON file
for deployment to the ship.

Results and Observations

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  • Size issues with data model...
  • Arriving at the balance point between the representative data in the application model is subjective. At what point do you simply push out to the resource and it's representation?