ETL RDF data to Google Fusion

Exploring options for data distribution

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  • Bridging semantic ETL to "business intelligence" options
  • Steps
    • EXTRACT: via SPARQL & leverage linked data elements
    • TRANSLATE: results to groovy collections then GData
    • LOAD: to Google Fusion tables
    • EXPLORE: leverage tools for visualizing and exploring

The elements



  • Moving from XML to native collections to a 3rd party model is cumbersome.
  • Perhaps something like JSON to JS in node.js would be keep us more "native"
  • What the best environment for scripting SPARQL is still a mystery to me. One wonders if there is a DSL solution in that need somewhere.
  • Pushing data to things like Google Fusion Tables or Microsoft Azure Data Market has benefits in terms of exposing data in more comfortable environments for the end users (both research and E&O).