Resrource Exchange and Vocabulary Publishing

Approaches to support the distribution of resource and concept data to support COL Linked Data Efforts

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Keys and Vocabulary

  • KEYS:
    Publish resources that act as keys"FOREIGN KEYS" such as taxon, timescales and Leg/Site/Hole location representation.
    Publish supporting RDF to further define and describe these resources and their parameters
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Codices resource URI (note 303 redirection)

  • Follow Linked Data Pattern
    • 303's
    • Content negotiated
  • Can "value add" the search with a quick call to the SPARQL on the resource ID
SELECT ?uri 
      ?uri skos:related <> . 


Vocabulary URL

curl command and header output for hitting the vocab URL 


  • Follow W3c Publishing Guides for Vocabularies
  • Using / approach for no good reason
  • Using RDF, could opt for SKOS (an aversion to OWL)

Vocabulary Git Hub Repo

Linked Data Demo

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