Test client for dbSEABED lithology using RPI S2S faceted client. All parameters are % of item and are currently NOT correctly sorted by that value. The values in the boxes are (count) % measured. The Slice for items are from the RDF data cube used for the lithology and are a test to connect the high numbers of sample based URI's returned to logical groupings (slices) that might help leader the reasearcher to data of intereste both inside and outside the lithology section. Only the first 1000 items are returned in the main Resource, Leg, Site table for now. Later paging will be added.

The map is dynamically built but using static lat long data untill the lat long data for the slices is routed into it.

This space reserved for information about the unique data cube slices represented in the individual result URI's to the left

Need a method to also allow user to download current result set?