Lithology (dbSeaBed)

This is a testing app for exploring in the open various search interfaces on top of the linked open data cloud hosted as part of Please note these are experiments and not intended for use in accessing IODP-USIO data. The coverage of data at this site is not complete. Please visit for links to production search resources.

About dbSeaBed

dbSEABED creates unified, detailed mappings of the materials that make the seafloor by efficiently integrating thousands of individual datasets. The goal is to bring decades of seabed information - and today's information - from marine geology, biology, engineering and surveys into one seabed mapping that can fulfil the community needs for ocean-bottom information on many spatial scales. The system deals with seabed texture, composition, acoustic properties, colour, geology and biology.


Select facets and view real time feed back on file selection

Example Entry

A simple exmaple page for a lithology entry. It demonstrates the links to other resources in the linked open data collection of data for IODP.