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SPARQL end point at:

A SPARQL endpoint is available at Example SPARQL calls exist in the labs section but may not be up to date. A collection of new SPARQL examples will be coming but users are welcome to use standard exploration calls on the endpoint to locate used vocabularies and example resource URI's.

Linked Open Data for scientific ocean drilling:

Linked open data pages and links to the associated graphs, void documents and other related material is at: IODP-USIO Data Discovery

This data represents only a small percentage of the data available but is sufficient for testing at this time. Additional data related to log files from LDEO, timescales from CHRONOS and data from TAMU are yet to be loaded. If you are looking for DSDP, ODP, or IODP data please vist the tools page.

Linked Data

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SPARQL endpoint

Datas taken on the bore hole by logging is hosted by Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

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Graphs and Counts

Location Graph URI Triple Count
IODP Core Images 2.2 million
Janus LOD 11.8 million
Codices 52 thousand
dbSEABED 7.6 million
Janus AMP 46 thousand
Foram Taxa 12 thousand
LDEO/BRG Log Data 157 thousand
LDEO/BRG Log Data at age (TEST) 36 thousand
USIO Vocabulary (TEST) coming
CHRONOS ICS2004 timescales (TEST) 503
Janus LOD at age (TEST) coming
LDEO log files as data (TEST leg 218 only) 3.7 million
LDEO/BRG Log Data V2 (A TEST graph) 40 thousand