Google Big Query and Google Storage

Reviewing the use of these two environments (Google Storage and Google Big Query) for data like that at and Janus. Would allow connection of this large scale data via Google Docs (Ref:

There is some work on exposing Linked Data in RDF format (n triples) being done (Ref: However, I am not sure that this has much use for small graphs since operating on the model involves a SPARQL to BG SQL language conversion. However, when talking about many billions of triples there may be some value. I will want to follow this effort though, it's interesting.

A more recent development is Google's Megastore (Ref: (PDF)).

Google Public Data Explorer

There is also the Google Public Data Explorer (Ref: This service would make large data sets publicaly available for others to create visualizations with. However, at present it doesn't allow for data downloads so its utility would be limited to things like education and outreach efforts most likely.

The Public Data Explorer uses the Dataset Publishing Language (DSPL) (Ref:

Google Fusion Tables

Investigating the use of Google Fusion Tables to store and visualize data sets.

Testing some embedded map viz ideas below

See Map Below Larger