Concept Graphs

This page contains some examples of displaying concept maps to people. I am particularly interested in creating SPARQL queries that allow me to generate out such maps and then present them to users here. The goal would be allow users to navigate data based on concepts and relations between concepts as a way to guide them to data.

Eventually it might be a situation where these approaches could be used to connect web assets (with SIOC and other RDF exposed graphs), 3rd party graphs like Freebase (, publications, archives and primary data assets.

Visualizing and navigating large scale graphs visually is a challenge. Packages like CytoWeb referenced below or packages like InfoVis can help. New tech like WebGL, especially when combined with things like InfoVis (Ref: could also be possible directions.

Cytoscape (web)

Using Cytoscape web (Ref: ) to test displaying concept graphs on-line. Some additional demos of this package can be found at:

Cytoscape Web will replace the contents of this div with your graph.

Click nodes or edges.