Age Range to Lithology

  1. Given two ages, find the age models that span across the ages
  2. Find the associated depths (and delta) for the ages at these locations
  3. Find the lithology data associated with those sites and depth ranges


Get the solution age models

Using a simple SPARQL call present the solution age models. For this case we will select an range of ages from X Ma to X ma (B95 timescale)

PREFIX chronos: <>
SELECT DISTINCT  ?uri ?long ?lat
  ?uri chronos:age ?age .
  ?uri geo:long ?long .
  ?uri geo:lat ?lat .
  FILTER (?age > 90 && ?age < 100) .

Get associated depths

For each URI in the solution table above we now need to pull the age model and calculate out the depths for each of the boundary ages. In this canned example the ages are static at 90 to 100 Ma (B95 timescale).

To do this we will cycle through each model URI and use the JanusAmp age to depth REST service to obtain the data. Alternative

Get associated lithology

Generate a table of lithology